About Us

Welcome to the Health Safety & Environment Blog- This is a hub of health safety & environment information dedicated to promoting a positive safety culture at the workplace. We believe that all work-related injuries & illnesses are preventable by implementing remedial safety control measures.

Hello, my name is Jaykesh Kumar, and I am an Occupational Health Safety And Environment advisor with over 10- years of experience. Throughout my career, I have been working in oil & gas plants, nuclear power plants, fertilizer, aluminum smelters, and the construction industry, where I gained extensive insights and knowledge on safety norms and practices.

My passion for safety has led me to develop a positive safety culture that is essential to meet the needs of each organization I work with. I feel proud of being an HSE professional because, being an HSE professional, I get an opportunity to help others by sharing my knowledge & experience.

Safety Professionals

HSE professionals play Key roles in ensuring every individual is working safely & going home safely without harm. HSE professionals advise and support employers to establish risk controls & management processes that promote sustainable business practice. They also lead workplace safety and health management to achieve organizational goals about Health Safety and Environment.

Our Goals

Being HSE professionals, we get the opportunity to help others by sharing our advice and knowledge related to Health, Safety, And Environment. Our main goals are to “Protect the workers from being injured, Protect the property from being damaged, And Protect the environment from being polluted. To achieve these goals, we aim to inform, educate, and inspire both employees & employers about the best practices in Health, Safety, And the Environment.

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