The 7 Causes of Accidents on The Road

By | June 11, 2023
Causes of Accidents on The Road
Causes of Accidents on The Road

Hey! Do you want to know the causes of accidents on the road? Please go through this article. This article will clear your concepts about road accidents. And you will get to know what are the causes of accidents on the road.

Nowadays, Road accident is one of the most undesired events that take place on the road and leads to Serious injury or even death and property damage. The most unfortunate thing is that people do not comply with traffic rules and regulations besides what they know.

For example, Using mobile phones while driving and driving under the influence of alcohol are the common causes of accidents on the road. But drives do that, and it causes accidents on the road.

The Main causes of accidents on the road are human errors which cause road accident and crashes and results in Serious injury or even death and damage to property. The most regrettable thing is that road accidents are so frequent, But even though we don’t learn from our mistakes.

The 7 Most Common Causes of Accidents on The Road

causes of accident on road
  • Breaching the speed limit by overspeeding.
  • Use of mobile phone while driving.
  • Driving under the influences of alcohol & drugs.
  • Driving a vehicle without training and license.
  • Not wearing safety gear like, seat belts and helmets.
  • Non-compliance with lane driving due to overtaking in an unsafe manner.
  • Red Light Jumping.

1. Breaching The Speed Limit By Overspeeding


Overspeeding is one the causes of accidents on the road, and the most serious or fatal accident on the road takes place caused by breaching traffic rules by driving a vehicle at overspeed. Nowadays, driving at high speed is a passion, especially for the young generation that is played a vital role in road accidents. Speedy vehicles have a high potential to cause the risk of accidents and increase injury severity during road accidents.

Faster vehicles have more probability of causing accidents than slower ones, and the severity of consequences will also be high in case of accidents by faster Vehicles. A Vehicle with high speeds shall be needed more distance to apply the brakes to control them. Slower vehicles can come under control immediately, while fasters Vehicles will take a long way to be controlled or stopped.

Driving a vehicle at high speed will reduce the ability of the driver to judge forthcoming events, which may lead to an error in judgment which can be causes of accidents on the road.

2. Use of mobile phone while driving

use of mobile phone while driving

Distractions of drivers may be minor, but they can result in serious road accidents while driving.

Nowadays, Using mobile phones while driving is one of the major causes of accidents on the Road.

Talking or messaging on a mobile phone while driving will divert the mind of the drivers from driving activity, and it may cause road accidents that may result in Serious injury or fatality and property damage.

Hence, drivers must avoid the use of mobile phones while driving, but if there is an urgent call, they should stop the vehicle beside the road where they can attend to the phone call without fearing an unwanted road accident. Hence, it is recommended to avoid using mobile phones while driving. Otherwise, it can cause a road accident.

3. Driving under the influence of alcohol & drugs


First of all, we will not recommend anyone to consume alcohol, but even though you consume alcohol to celebrate a party or any other occasion. Then, please do not drive the vehicle under the influence of alcohol. It will hamper vision due to dizziness which is one of the causes of accidents on the road, and the consequences could be injuries or even fatalities and property damage.

Celebration of an occasion with the consumption of alcohol could turn into misfortune if it is mixed with driving, hence do not drink and drive. Ask your friend who is not drunk to drop you home. Apart from alcohol, Many drugs and medicines are there, which may also affect the skills and concentration necessary for driving and could be causes of accidents on the roads. Hence, do not endanger yourself and other road users by driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and drugs.

4. Driving Without Training And A License


Road accidents can also be caused by driving a vehicle without proper training and a license. Untrained drivers are at high risk for causing accidents on the roads because they would not well familiar with traffic rules and regulations while driving a vehicle.

This is a legal requirement for all drivers to have a valid license, which will show their competency for safe driving. To avoid road accidents. You should not drive a vehicle (except the driving school) unless/until you are trained and hold a valid driving license.

5. Not Wearing Safety Gear Like Seat Belts And Helmets

Using a seat belt while driving a four wheeler

Now It is mandatory to use a seat belt in a four-wheeler, and not wearing one is liable to get penalty by traffic officials. And the same is the case of helmets for two-wheeler drivers. Now it is under the law for all four-wheeler drivers to use seat belts and for two-wheeler to use helmets after proven studies that these two safety equipment reduce the severity of injury during accidents.

Wearing a seat belt and helmet increases the chance of survival in case of serious accidents. Wearing safety gear keeps you safe in case of an accident and complies with the legal requirement too. Hence keep wearing safety gear while driving a four-wheeler and two-wheeler.

The death of two-wheeler drivers has been reduced since wearing a helmet has been made mandatory for driving a two-wheeler. Safety gears must be used of good quality and standard. They must be tied off properly for adequate safety.

6. Non-compliance with lane driving and overtaking in an unsafe manner


This is the most common behavior of drivers on the road that leads to accidents. So, lane driving is always preferred to avoid road accidents. However, everyone knows lane driving is safe driving. But even though some drivers do not comply with these rules, they keep crisscrossing the roads and overtaking other vehicles, which can result in road accidents.

Many roads have only two lanes, one for going and a second for coming. If you are not following the lane driving in this case, you can end up with loggerheads with other vehicles coming towards you. And if, We talk about multiple-lane roads. Again complying with lane driving for safe driving is preferred to avoid road accidents. If you are not an expert or well-experienced driver and attempt to overtake other cars ahead of you, that may result in a road accident.

While driving a vehicle, you must understand that you are a fool and others are more intelligent than you because this attitude will be enforced you to comply with lane driving in a relaxed mood that will keep you safe at all times. Ultimately lane driving is always safe and more remarkable than reckless driving. Hence, keep up lane driving and be safe at all times.

7. Red Light Jumping


According to the motor vehicle act, Non-compliance with traffic signals or jumping a red light is an offense, and if someone is found while doing so, they will be liable to pay the penalty. This behavior of drivers is one of the causes of accidents on the road. So, everyone is recommended to follow the traffic rules and avoid jumping a red signal while driving.

The purpose of jumping a red light is to save time and fuel because this is the conception of people. They think stopping and waiting at a signal is a waste of time and fuel consumption. Red light jumpers do not endanger only themselves. They also Endanger other road users too. A red-light jumper crosses the red signal with Overspeed to avoid challan and crash. But it interrupts his ability to judge forthcoming traffic and causing a crash or fatal accident.

Different Factors of Roads That Can be Causes of Accidents The on Road:


  • Not following traffic rules.
  • Over-speed.
  • Failure to understand traffic signs and signals.
  • Tiredness.
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs.
  • Use of mobile phones while driving, etc.


  • Carelessness.
  • Crossing the roads at the wrong place.
  • Using a mobile phone while crossing the road.
  • Jaywalkers, illiteracy, etc.

Road Conditions:

  • Damaged roads.
  • Potholes.
  • Illegal speed breakers.
  • Sudden turning points, Diversions, etc.

Weather Conditions:

  • Severe crosswinds.
  • Sand storms.
  • Heavy rain.
  • Snow.
  • Fog, etc.


  • Overloading.
  • Tire bursts due to heat or excessive air pressure.
  • Nonfunctioning lights and indicators.
  • Failure of breaks and steering.
  • Projected parts of the load.
  • Other mechanical failures of vehicles, etc.

Preventive Measures To Avoid Road Accidents

  • Proper training and awareness about road safety.
  • Strict enforcement of the law to comply with traffic rules and regulations.
  • Proper engineering of the vehicle.
  • Ensure proper road engineering and infrastructure with adequate safety signs, pedestrian crossing, and road markings.
  • Adequate street lights.   

Consequences of Road Accidents:

  • Serious injury or fatality.
  • Huge property damage.
  • Environmental pollution due to spillage of hazardous chemicals.


All drivers and pedestrians are advised to comply with traffic rules while using the roads. Breaching traffic rules can be the cause of accidents on the roads. Drivers must be fully aware of traffic guidelines, and they must be followed to avoid causes of accidents on the roads.

Q1, What is Accident?

Ans. An accident is an unplanned or unexpected event that results in Serious injury or illness to workers. And it may also result in damage to property. An accident always results in losses like injuries to workers or property damage.

Q2. What Are The Preventive Measures to Avoid Road Accidents?

Ans. The preventive measures to avoid road accidents will include, such as driving by licensed drivers only, complying with traffic rules, avoiding overspeeding, following the lane driving, proper road engineering, availability of street lights, do not use mobile phones while driving, avoiding drinking and driving, wearing PPE, and pedestrian to cross the roads through designated crossing points only.

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